What is Art Licensing?

Art Licensing is different things to different people. 

Art adds character, style and color to just about everything. Art licensing is artists working independently or with an agent to help manufactures create products with wonderful images. It has a potential to allow you a new way to embrace my artwork and it’s uplifting message.

Why art and licensing? 

 . . . art allows me to be me . . .  caring . . . sincere . . . intuitive and expressive . . . it combines my training and experience

. . .  when my work connects. . . it speaks to you. . . it pours positive images and thoughts into your thinking . . .

. . . licensing allows my work to be more available bringing together images, words and viewers . . . with a ‘genuine smile’.

How does this benefit you?

You benefit because you can purchase a painting, print, poster, calendar, gift wrapping, decorative plate, ceramic tiles, journals, mailbox covers, greeting cards, postcards, photo albums, decorative boxes, umbrellas, checkbooks, cell phone cases, tote bags, sportswear, purses, trays, wallpaper, fabric, door mats, jigsaw puzzle, figurines, pillows, towels, textiles, t-shirts, dinnerware, placemats with an image or message that pleases you.

You can purchase from a variety of choices that is ever expanding.

This is a product of how the business of art and art production has changed over the years. Art was a specialty and now it is used to increase the appeal of products.

Isn’t it is wonderful that we can all be uplifted by imagery that we choose?

The market place (you) want a diverse product line that allows voices to be heard. You can enjoy “stuff” that is in keeping with your likes, style and thinking.

What about the artist?

Art licensing is an agreement to use an artist’s image for a specified purpose for a given time. The artist benefits because she retains the rights to the artwork and where the image is used. Artwork is “creative property” it belongs to its creator, the artist. It allows the artist to retain ownership to her work and still allows you to enjoy it in your home.

They call is life style branding. I call it me sharing my images and back stories with you. Just us (you and me) embracing the thoughts that bring us hope and brighten our day.


I am Lorraine Mullett, visual story teller, artist, illustrator and member of the Art Licensing Group of New Hampshire.

I am excited to introduce ALGNH to my site. I feel so good . . . happy . . . balanced . . . being part of a nice . . . really nice . . . small group that is talented . . . artists . . . worker bees . . . with goals

. . . willingness to share . . . uplifting attitudes . . . purpose and direction . . . niceness . . . encouraging . . . professional artists . . . and creative spirits.

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