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I welcome you to the inside view of thought images. Now that you know how to contact me it is time to learn about me, Lorraine Mullett, the visual storyteller, artist, illustrator inside

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Are thoughts important to you?

They are very important to me. I know that uplifting thoughts are a joy to share. That is why Thought Images web site was born.

Lorraine Mullett is a visual storyteller, artist, illustrator who re-imagines life in a playful way - Lorraine Mullett, is a visual storyteller, artist, illustrator who re-imagines life in a playful way.

Artwork . . . in her world is a partnership of meaningful words and images . . . heartfelt combinations . . . joy filled thoughts and playful wishes. Her images are . . . contagiously optimistic friends . . . always uplifting.

Why art and art licensing? . . . art allows me to be me . . .  caring . . . sincere . . . intuitive and expressive . . . it combines my training* and experience . . .  when my work connects . . . it speaks to you . . . it pours positive images and thoughts into your thinking . . . art licensing allows my work to be more available bringing together images, words and viewers . . . with a ‘genuine smile’.  

*MFA in Illustration Syracuse University - work experience in design, illustration, publishing, business and teaching - life experience . . . loving wife . . . proud parent . . .  supportive daughter . . . caring sister . . . smiling friend . . . voice of reason  . . . worker bee . . . quiet observer . . .

When the drawings ring true and the words resonate with you it forms harmony.

This joyful vibration will aid you on your path. This information is positive vibrations that you can choose to use.

If you have read this far you must have found an ounce of value, or a smile of warmth in my words and drawings.

It is a good day when you value yourself.

I strive to make everyday a good day. It’s all in my point-of-view. It is all in the 5% of information we choose to attract. It is all about the joy we allow in our life.

It is about you and the possibility of reducing the stress and weight of your past and present thinking.

I believe that the positive energy I send out will rebound.

I believe it can change the world one thought at a time.

So, my hope is that this site will make a difference in your thinking. If it helps you change your vibration by a decimal, or two. It could bring more joy into your life.

So, I am starting with “me”. I write, rewrite, draw and redraw all the thoughts and images I present to you. I am the visual thinker behind thought images.

I have designed and drawn the images. I have designed; cut, assembled and kiln fired the 100% recycled glass into finish pieces. Organized the words and wrote the pages. Fumbled with the computer programs and built this site.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and plan on returning many times to connect with

Love, Light and Laughter, Lorraine Mullett

Of course why didn’t I notice this before?

I thought I was making this site to share information with you. But I was hiding.

It is unnerving to notice. But I was pushed myself into the background.

Now I see that I was “running for cover”.

I was saying, “Please ignore me. I’m the person behind the curtain”.

Photo of Lorraine Mullett

Now I see. I can use the word “I”. I can be “the thinker at thought images” not “the thinker behind thought images”.

  • I am the voice of thought images.
  • I am the face of thought images.
  • I am me Lorraine Mullett
  • Lorraine Mullett in Studio with kiln This is my point-of-view

    These are my illustrations.

    These are my pieces of recycled glass that I design, cut and you give meaning too.

    These are the colors and sounds that find their way into a pallet of recycled inspiration.

    These are my thoughts put into words and images to see, hear, and share with you.

    Lorraine Mullett in Studio

    This is not the view point of a drawn character. I am not just a joyfully drawn line. I am Lorraine the abundance coach. I share and we both grow. I am one person. I have a few hundred more pages and even more illustrations to share with you. Please be patient. Enjoy.

    Lorraine Mullett at fair

    My intent is to stop needing to prove my value.

    So if you notice more “I” it is the new direction of me. Opening awareness and noticing value is still my mantra. It has always been a matter of thinking thoughts and noticing choice.

    The things that “rattle your cage” are the opportunities to wrap your thinking around a possibility that has been beyond your notice.

    Lorraine Mullett is noticing now.

    I am an abundance coach, artist, Reiki master, designer, thinker, presenter of workshops and individual sessions. I have studied and read widely and have an MFA from Syracuse University. I live with my best friend and husband in a small New Hampshire town surrounded by family.

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