We learn by linking and repeating similarities. Patterns help us to decipher information. Everything is information.

We use patterns to notice repetition. We recognize numbers because the shape is a blueprint that we have been exposed to.

We quickly learn that patterns are short cuts to noticing value.

We individually choose how a sequence relates to us.

No example can be used without triggering responses. Every example triggers a group of responses. Every example is compromised by your past feelings.

As soon as the example is used a series of switches are released. Related patterns position themselves into a unique response.

  • Smell - If the scent of a skunk is in your experience a single whiff will trigger a connection. Aromas are subtle and powerful links to patterns.
  • Taste – Sweet or sour, tangy or tart. The hottest pepper can trigger a heat revolt or a remembered treat. Your patterns can decipher information before it even reaches your tongue.
  • Appearance, view, size – Horror movies surprise you with a twist. A shark, a lizard or a flock of birds can take on monumental proportions. A change of size can activate panic.
  • Placement or location – A mouse in the house is a fun story line for a children’s book. But an actual mouse in your slipper is too real for comfort. Being present or watching from a distance colors your view.
  • Feelings – You expected to be riding on the wing tips of a dream but instead you are in the heart of an angry dragon. How you feel is in relation to the outcome you expect. The patterns you have established.

The earth is round not because you see it but because you have been introduced to the concept. If you look outside you might think it is below your feet. You could keep on traveling by land and by sea and never notice you were traveling the globe.

The Law of Similarities allows you to notice and take control of your patterns of thought. This allows you to view and release or polishes and refines your point-of-view.

Observer You are now the observer of your life. You have stepped back and chosen to notice and consciously “expect” to see opportunities.

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