Universal Laws are a Basic Foundation for Clear Thinking

Universal Laws fold over and over to form a smooth path to travel. The circuit is a continuous loop that forms a perfect weave.

This is the road you were born to travel. Think of it as satin ribbon without creases or folds ready to wrap around the perfect gift. Unlimited as you are without limits.

Universal Laws are really that simple. You are the maker of all the great fun and glorious experiences. You are the maker of all the pot holds and bumps in your path.

All the laws work together to clear the way. Old patterns of fear persist in producing storms to tear up the roadway.

universal laws steamrolling self

It is your internal conflict played out in your external world. No one is at fault and no one is to blame. Fault and blame are a waste of precious energy. It is all just the way you desire it unless you allow and expect it to change.

Allow the steam rollers to tackle the bumps in your roadway instead of you. Stop lying down in the roadway and expecting the steam rollers to flatten all your dreams. Give yourself permission to be blissful.

elevator up

Become the observer and notice the small changes that can bring big results. Universal Laws make sense and are easy for the observer to notice and translate into uplifting results. Take the elevator to the top of your expectations by polishing up your point of view and thinking glorious thoughts.

Let's visit with the basic concepts of Universal Law.


Abundance is the cleaning away of obstacles. Removing thoughts that are presently limiting desired vibrations. Abundance works hand in hand with expectation.

super self expectation Expectation

Expectation is noticing that you are receiving that you know you will receive. Asking without expecting results in wishful thinking. Noticing thoughts that limit allows you to change your thinking patterns.


Allowing is breaking down barriers to limitation. It is expecting abundance by removing the self imposed rules. You have established rules using your freewill. These rules establish your point-of-view. Universal Laws all flow together allowing a clear exchange of energy.


Freewill is the wonderful gift that allows you to limit. It allows you to make choices and write rules that you live within. It is a gift that came without instructions because instructions limit. The rules you live within are the framework of your life.


Choice is a process of deciding. It allows you to notice and own information. It allows you to decide between available options. Your point-of-view limits the options open to you. This is you actively limiting you. The information that you own, expect and allow is in your point-of-view.

treasuring your point-of-view


Point-of-view is a depository for all your rules. You make the rules (freewill). You expect them to be carried out (expectation). You limit everything beyond your point-of-view (abundance). You defend your view point (contrast).


Perspective an unlimited amount of possibilities uses to find a precise point. Once the points are chosen the lines are all drawn to justify the positioning of those points. Once you have lines you have definition. Everything is in line or out of line. What agrees or what is in contrast. Universal Laws widens your available possibilities by changing your perspective.


Contrast is the difference between your point-of-view and any other perspective. Contrast is an opportunity to notice thoughts and actions outside of your current point-of-view. You notice 5% of the available information. You live within your established patterns contrast allows you to notice possibilities beyond present rules.

5% Rule

5% rule is based on the concept that you only attract the information in line with your vibration or point-of-view at the moment. If you feel joyful the information you notice will reinforce your perspective that you are joyful. If you can’t believe how happy you are you will attract information to prove your lack of worth. Just being aware that 95% of information is unnoticed is eye opening.

universal laws think and pick star Vibration and Frequency

The frequency that you are on is your range of vibration. You choose that you notice due to the structure you build within your thoughts. If something is beyond possibility for you it is invisible in your thinking. You form patterns that keep you within the limitations that you built. This is why Universal Law can open up possibilities for you. It gives you the opportunity to allow invisible opportunities to be seen.


Balance is keeping internal and external energies in a level of agreement. Universal Laws wants you to notice and to allow more abundance. What you want at all the levels of your desire. So it sends you information that is at the top and bottom of your range of vibration. It is helping you to notice and choice to change. It values you and wants you to live in a state of ease. It wants you to appreciate yourself and move to a higher level of value in how you see yourself.

super self with cape

Super Self

Super self is what you really are. Limitations are what you impose on yourself. And prove to yourself because others mirror what you expect them to be and do. Notice a new view of self and expect possibilities.Superself is not the only self. You have many opportunities to see yourself from a variety of perspectives.


Patterns are what you form in order to confirm that you think. You always prove that you are correct. You keep to your patterns. Observing new way and noticing possibilities might force you to change and create new patterns. Stress is caused when you don’t like your patterns but don’t want to change your thinking.


Contrast is growth. Contrast is also a venerable point that brings up shadows of the unknown. Contrast is seeing things differently. Noticing the space between two possibilities. You can answer it with fear of the unknown. Or look at it as an opening. A door way to possibilities.


Stress is lack of ease. In a space it is a conflict between a free flowing movement and an opposing current. Being in stress is fighting a flow. Stress can become a pattern. Often stress is repeated using the existing patterns.


Symbols-at-work is how symbols evolve and change but keep a core connection to the past. Everything is a variation on basic concepts. Your past thoughts project into your future. They color how and what you notice. As the observer you can notice the past to gain clues to solve the future.

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