Synchronicity is learning to trust your intuition.

synchronicity outline superself on tight rope

It’s a knowing that confidence is built one step at a time. Just trust in your natural abilities and find confidence.

Synchronicity is a process of learning to trust your intuition. You are opening up, stretching your present point of view to find new solutions.

This process is the foundation for building new patterns. Trust that everything is moving as it should.

Your only task is to notice, observe and act.

Synchronicity tests your confidence in your intuition. When you notice synchronicity you are allowing an opening in the energy you receive from the Universe.

When you expect synchronicity and trust your intuition you strengthen your connection to receiving more intuitive vibrations.

Synchronicity is noticing and holding onto a new level of “Can do spirit”.

Synchronicity is a marvelous sensation. To force it, is too loose it.

Just allow it to come. Synchronicity is feedback from the universe that you are opening to allow and receive energy.

synchronicity outline with dimmer switch

Synchronicity tells you you’re on target. In the flow at a higher degree than you currently are.

It is the universe letting you know that you are using your intuition and clearing limitations. Synchronicity pushes your capacity, like sliding up a dimmer switch.

Synchronicity works in many ways:

  • It lets you know you are using and improving your energy connections.
  • It shows you new connection to help you gain confidence in yourself.
  • It builds new patterns and can do spirit.
  • It surprises you with new abilities and skills that you didn’t have the confidence to believe you could achieve.
  • It proves to you that you have value. It opens you up to infinite possibilities.

  • Synchronicity at work gives you hints to future possibilities. Intuitive steps to gain more self value.
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