Coaching Abundance

Coaching Abundance is asking you to notice and release barriers and awakening positive vibrations in your life. Become the observer and be an active participant in your own life. Allow self to be still and move past the noise and demand of old thought patterns.

When I work with people they love that I am doing. They get it.

  • They see how my questioning style is making them think and reach positive results. They open up to possibilities.
  • They understand that touchstones are objects that they give meaning too.
  • They understand it is their thoughts that go into the naming of the touchstone.
  • They understand that they are the driving force in the success of their new direction.
  • They understand the process is beneficial and unique to them as individual thinkers of thoughts.
But many don’t understand yet that this is just the tip of the opportunity that is available to them. They have only taken a tiny, but important step, in building awareness and confidence in universal law.

They are taking back ownership of their thoughts.

They are noticing possibilities.

They are noticing and following thoughts to their core beliefs. They are asking questions of self:

  • Why did I think that?
  • Where did that thought come from?
  • What message is this experience giving me?
  • What lesson do I need to learn from this?
  • Others are attracting positive vibrations because they are noticing that has always been available waiting for them to see. My path has helped me see.

    Or should I say our path is to learn to see.

    Being a coach is:

    • Asking insightful questions. Leading you to notice and build confidence in your knowing. What is not yet obvious? A small step that leads to a universe of possibilities.
    • It is stimulating opportunities for awakening to possibilities that are looking to be active in your life. Abundance is yours and has always eagerly waiting for you to embrace it. Why are you holding back?
    • Receiving abundance is releasing all the obstacles, walls, mazes, stop signs, locks, secreted passwords you have consciously or unconsciously placed between you and allowing or receiving abundance. Do you want to know how? Look within. Gain confidence in your own knowing. Releasing barriers is the goal of a seeker of abundance.
    Releasing barriers is the goal of a seeker of abundance. All roads lead to prosperity. Each will help you in your understanding of that to do or what not to do.

    The harder roads will build a desire within you to find a better way. This knowledge will help you avoid following this same path. If you observe past patterns and make new choices to embrace your knowledge.

    You always have two choices to be right or to be happy. Noticing old patterns them choosing with wisdom is the way of the observer self. It is all very simple once you build confidence in your intuition and look from the vantage point of your inner observer.

    Your higher self (the part of you that remembers) is seeking your attention. It wants you to release scarcity and attract abundance. What stands in my way to attracting abundance? I am in my own way. You are in your own way. This is a lifelong quest but small steps can reap big results.

    You are what you think. Notice your thoughts. You are the controlling factor. It is not anyone else’s fault. You are only a victim of the limitations you place on yourself. Blaming is one of the ways you build walls.

    Taking responsibility for your thoughts is the way to release limitations. Being the observer and an active participant in your own life is the key to moving away from guilt (yours and the ones you place on others) and fear.

    Spending more time in the present moment is managing your thoughts. Your place of power is now. Noticing when you wander into the past land of guilt or the future dark of fear is important to an abundance seeker. Noticing is the first step to releasing and returning to the present.

    You have all the answers

    My method is to ask questions. You, even if you haven’t notices yet, have all the answers.

    So you could say:

    • You need

      confidence in your own intuition

      . A new sense of valuing yourself and the feeling and vibrations that have always been there for you but you were too busy fearing the future or guilty over the past.
    • You need to

      notice your connections to allowing

      . The first step I usually take is to help you designate an object as a touchstone or reminder piece. This device allows you to center yourself on an anchor to pull yourself back to the present moment. The present is your place of power.
    • You need

      new patterns of thinking that embraces your wisdom

      . The observer in you wants to change your point of view by allowing and releasing energies in your vibration. You living in the range of thought that is your present way of thinking. By becoming the observer and an active participant in your life you are consciously choosing to notice your vibration. Think of it as a solid base to build a new level of abundance.
    • You need to

      formulate your own questions

      . Developing the proactive skill of looking for answers. Why did I ask for this experience? That connection is always in the present and you know it when you find it. But you are so used to disregarding your wisdom that you need to re remember how to connect to yourself.
    • You need to

      notice your core value and adjust them to suit your highest good.

      Highest good is the most abundance you will allow within your present scope of thinking. Core value is your core self that your inner child fiercely protective. It is choices that you made when you wrote your first life program around the age of five. If you haven’t learned to like yourself (embrace your inner child). This could be a wonderful opportunity to release and heal past thoughts that drain your flow of abundance.
    • You need to

      respect the spark of knowing within

      . Recognize it as hope and nourish it. Free yourself to except the gift of a new perspective.

    I am a mirror.

    (You remember when I explained that everyone is there to give you information if you are ready or open to listening.)

    The clues become obvious when you consciously choose to be an observer and an active participant in your own life it becomes easy to notice.

    As the observer you are saying “time out” to move past automatic patterns. You are in control and taking steps to notice your spark of knowing.

    So join me as a member of my coaching staff or as my star player.

    • Read and meditate on what I have written and illustrated at
    • Become an active member and post information that reinforces my message. (available soon)
    • Contact me or visit with me at one of my upcoming fairs or schedule yourself to attend one of my workshops or a work place group or friends gathering.
    • Every road is a pathway to awareness. Some paths are longer and steeper. Some paths are bumpy and turbulent. Your path becomes smooth and easy when you notice the tools to decode the messages along the way.

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