Symbols-at-work is noticing the now inside the past

symbols are pieces of the puzzle

Symbols-at-work is how symbols evolve and change but keep a core connection to the past. Everything is a variation on basic concepts. Your past thoughts project into your future. They color how and what you notice.

As the observer you can notice the past to gain clues to solve the future.

Your thinking is like a packet of senses rolled tightly together to produce your truth. Unroll the packet releases the pressure.

This allows you the freedom to choose again. The colors in your pallet are symbols of how you are now. Chip away the loose paint and notice your core rainbow.

Symbols bring you many helpers

Clues are symbols-at-work.

A thought image is a seed with the opportunity to solve mysteries.

You are a mystery to yourself if you are not comfortable being you.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the time to get to know and value self. Super Self is the embodiment of this concept. Wisdom Keeper is a symbol for your mirrors to reflect the trail of clues. They are all symbols-at-work helping you to notice and allow possibilities.

Symbols are everywhere Clues are very subtle they hide in every place imaginable. That is why this page was designed. It is a starting point to explore the use of imagination.

In explaining my work I am giving you a framework to notice possibilities. The optimal word is framework. This is a structure with color, numbers and drawings. It was designed as a point of departure on your journey of discovering clues.

symbols can grab your attention like thorns on roses

Little steps are sometimes the biggest opportunities to pick out thorns in the fabric of our thinking. So I have written an introduction note and followed it with thoughts on a few colors, numbers and drawings. Just a beginning so you can follow up with your own combinations. Colors are symbols - think red How would you define red? Don’t look forward to find my answer. You will not find it. I have chosen to leave this vibrant primary color open for your definition. Your point-of-view is what you are working with here. Knowing my point of reference would be nice. Discovering your own would be better. Smile and enjoy my interpretation as a starting point for your own direction.

Meaning of my symbols-at-work

Dear Visitor and Friend,

I would like to tell you why I built this site. I was trying to make sense of how I see things. I reasoned that a thought shared is a seed. It can grow. It can nourish. It can thrive. It can crystallize and give a clearer thought image. So in sharing my view with you I am observing my thoughts and symbols.

You might

  • See value.
  • Think in new directions.
  • Become the observer of your own life.
  • Notice that choices are yours and complexity is limiting.
  • Open to blissful thoughts and thrive.

This is why I keep working with thought images and symbols-at-work. It is a joyful journey that grows by being shared. We are all one, linked together making choices.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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