You are now the observer of your life.

Observer stepping out of picture

Being the observer is a conscious act of getting out of the picture.

Leave the complex present. Move away from past expectations and notice your present vantage point.

This is a slight shift.

It is really a wanting.

  • I want to ….
  • If only I could….
  • It is not a throw away but a desire to reshuffle stress for ease.
  • If only I could see things differently?

Let your thoughts settle into quietness. Let your concerns grow smaller and less burdensome.

To make this easier we’ve set up a comfortable chair with a great view. Sit down and adjust yourself to notice patterns. Don’t judge them just notice and release.

You are now the observer of your life. You have stepped back and chosen to notice and consciously “expect” to see opportunities.

If you make a conscious choice to look for patterns you are actually drawing in a need to see patterns.Patterns are the product of thoughts and judgments you have made.

These repeated thoughts help to establish the range of your vibration. Vibrations attract vibrations within the same range of frequency. If you’re happy you will act happy and attract more vibrations of happiness.

You will notice happiness in your surroundings. Not because there is more happiness.

You are allowing. You are clearing a place for happiness to gather and grow within your range of frequency.

I ________________________________________ (your name) make a conscious decision to look for patterns in my life.

I seek to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Noticing Stress - Seeing Rulers We all measure. We all make judgments. We all use many rulers. Noticing is the first step to understanding inner conflict or stress.

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