What would wisdom do (WWWD)?

Connect to your inner wisdom

“What would wisdom do (WWWD)?” is my attempt to make wisdom a conscious goal in my life. I am an advocate for asking and receiving answers to life questions.

Seize the moment and moving beyond the everyday patterns that tangle my thinking. WWWD is taking back my power and connection to my higher self. The self that is open to possibilities and moving on a pathway of greater knowing and joy.

This could be your opportunity to step out of your present pattern and notice a brighter light of self value. You could call it making time to notice your own wisdom.

Take a moment and center yourself in the present and think about the value of questions.

  • Are you asking thoughtful questions?
  • Are you expecting to find wise answers?
  • Are you open to insight and wisdom?
  • Are you noticing your inner wisdom?
  • Are you remembering the value of you?

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the "have to" and "need to" activities of life and miss the abundance of uplifting answers.

What is why I have narrowed my questions to WWWD?

I call it my short cut to clear thinking. It also turned itself into a reminder piece to illustrate my direction. Clear glass and copper for clarity and communications.

What better way to call attention to stayed centered in wisdom?

It symbolized the path you raise when you seek the direction wisdom might follow. You are reaching to find your higher good.

You are noticing the bearers of wisdom all around you. You are asking the question. You are listening for an answer. You are planning and expecting to find insight. You are open to possibilities.

You are growing in wisdom by asking WWWD? WWWD is an interesting question.

It is open to all the possibilities that help you strive for a clearer direction.

This question opened up an instead need to move beyond a few illustrations. It became a way of noticing. Copper screamed out to me communications. It is the core of wires. It is the line to safely ground the power of electricity. You are the conductor of your thoughts and life.

Copper is a conductor and lays the path for energy to follow.Our physical world has traveled from smoke signals, to written words, to copper wire, to fiber optics, to clear vibrations.

Our thought has been clear vibrations all along.

Why don’t you catch up with the high speed start of the arts qualify that is your unburdened thought process? Your thinking process is only limited by your will to allow possibilities.

Do you want to:

  • Be aware and open to intuitive thinking.
  • Notice the moment and step into a brighter path.
  • See value and notice my wise thoughts
You have the free will to be the best you can be.

You only need to notice the value of you.

WWWD is a leap of faith.

It is jumping from an old point of view to a new way of observing your life.

It is conscious observation and movement. It is being in the present moment.

It is noticing the roots of old patterns and freeing self from the past and the future.

Knowing that the barriers you build are shadows of old fears than can now be released

without judgment.

Often we take leaps of fear. A leap of fear is when we jump to avoid noticing. We may have

awareness but struggle to keep within old patterns.

We close our eyes and jump without direction. We fill our cup with excuses. We pretend that

change is monstrous and live no life but blame. We pretend we are an innocent bubble in a

sea of pins. That others think is more important than our own thoughts.

Blame is an interesting cycle of giving energy away. I give you all my energy and power and

name myself victim. But in truth I am a casualty in my war against myself. I leap with fear and tumble and say I’m broken.

I leap with faith and expect to land on a solid footing.

I leap with faith and if I tumble I get back up and learn to leap again.

I leap with wisdom because I am the rightful heir to my own destiny.

I am the thinker of thoughts and the creator of my own world. I live the myth that I

have written. I write the scene and choose the part I will play. It is all my creation. It

is all my choices.

A leap of faith is a new pattern.

It is leaping with your eyes open.

It is noticing and choosing to move.

It is not falling off the curb or orchestrating a push from behind.

A lead of faith is taking responsibility for self and having faith in your core senses.

It is moving out of the cloud that is energy drain and into the now.

It is releasing the past without judgment.

It is being an active participant in the present.

It is refusing to place limitations on the future.

It is asking questions and expecting answers.

What would wisdom do?

  • Wisdom is accepting the energy of the moment.
  • Wisdom is releasing limitations.
  • Wisdom is seeking wise counsel from your higher self. The only distance between you and

    higher you are the limitations that you place around your thinking.

  • Wisdom is noticing your thoughts and embracing the joy of building new


What would wisdom do? It is a call to connect to your inner wisdom and thrive.

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