Allowing Freewill opening window

Allowing and Freewill

You are always correct.

Everything you allow will come to you.

That is the gift of freewill. Everything goes the way you allow it.

When you value yourself, the universe will always agree with you.

If you don’t value yourself the universe will always agree with you.

It proves you’re correct all the time without exception. It gives you what you expect. Allowing is the freewill to choose.

Your point of view is a unique set of rules you have established for yourself. These rules are the gate keeper for your intake of abundance.

You make judgments that are choices that can limit possibilities or open windows to opportunity.

Your thinking patterns are the seeds. You use these seeds to make your choices.

Freewill is the opportunity you have too:

  • Think glorious thoughts and slay the dragons of old limitations.
  • Grow to greater highs by observing and planting seeds of personal growth.
  • Make rules that allow. Wiser rules to serve your highest good.
  • Observe and learn from past experiences. Use the power of change to paint rainbows where you once saw shadows.
  • Imagine how you want to live your life. Take steps to free the cobwebs of old expectations.
  • Take control and make conscious choices.
  • See your freewill as a friend that trusts your judgment. A partner that goes the extra mile to help you on your journey.

Allowing Freewill Planting Rainbows

Freewill is how you have created your present life.

Your allowing has made things how they are. If you find joy you are expecting joy. If you find bliss your rules are allowing bliss into your life.

Changing your life is only a choice away.

Just choose to think glorious thoughts and plant rainbows in your garden of allowing.

Possibilities - A simple change in how you view an issue may yield very different results.Your imagination now has a new direction to ponder when thinking of possibilities.

Thought - Infinite Possibilities - Limited You are the thinker. You use freewill to make rules that determine that thoughts fit into your range.

Possibilities Maybe it’s time to wake up to possibilities. It might just be the right time to notice and to think possibilities.

Affirmations A tool used to help notice and change a pattern of thinking or action.

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