The 5 percent rule

We notice 5 percent of the activity happening around us. The 5 percent rule says you are attracted to the information that vibrated at the frequency you are presently experiencing.

Like vibrations attract similar or like vibrations.

What 5% do you choose?

What 95% do you not notice?

Clues are everywhere. There is an infinite amount of possibilities. 100% of the information is your present opportunity.

Your senses go directly to your 5%. Why?

  • It is appealing to you. Your thinking patterns match these choices.

  • You are attracted to it. It meets your expectations. If you expect a great day you will notice and create a great day.

  • It is the information that vibrates at the same frequency as you are vibrating. The power of attraction says that like attracts like.

It makes you correct in your present point of view. Thoughts always match choices. If you are happy you will choose the cheerful spot.

Your level of awareness holds your attention. Like attracts like. Joy attracts joy. Stress attracts stress.

Being the observer allows you to step away and observe.

It shifts your thinking.

Now you stand with your 5%.

Aware that 95% of possibilities also exist.

You have the power of choice.

You can see other choices and have conscious control.

You have stepped up and climbed the latter.

Now the observer in you has opened its eyes to possibilities

Sorting out the 5 percent rule

Life is not stationary and choices are infinite. Moments build on moments. They stack up. Choices from one moment affect future moments.

  • They allow you to get in touch with your freewill.

  • They allow you to notice that you are in control of your day.

  • They allow you to switch and reorganize options.

A disappointment can be caught and redirected. You can stop action. Make changes. Feel the power of choice. Your point of view and thinking patterns can change . . . You can step forward and change your view.

Would you like the flexibility to see from a new perspective?

The 5 percent rule is a tool . . . a easy way to shift a few degrees in you're thinking . . . to connect and appreciate your world in large ways.

  • You can shift you're thinking. You have options. The act of noticing is opening the door way to new experiences. Experiences you can share.
  • You can send out your joy. It circulates and grows. Strengthening  the vibration for genuine smiles in your world. 

  • You can choose your 5 percent consciously. You can start a pattern of picking “feel good” options. The observer can alert you to joyless patterns. You can choose to thrive.

  • You can change your point of view. Noticing the “What if” is allowing yourself to see possibilities.

  • You can feel freedom because you choose to notice. You can pick a new path. You can appreciate your present path. You can grow where you are planted. 

  • You can step away and find wisdom in the moment. Any step that starts a new pattern of ease is a growth moment. Make a collection of moments and say, "I want more of these" or "It pleases me to have more . . . wisdom . . . joy . . . happiness in my world." 
  • You can be the change you are seeking. Try using the 5 percent rule in your everyday thinking . . . only takes a moment . . . any moment is a good moment to restart. 

Change is a challenge to your present position. If attention is placed on an area it becomes important. Change is patterns of thinking threatened by hidden opportunities.

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