Super Self

The essence of what you could be

You “breath” yourself into everything you seek to do well.

You are your Super Self. You are one with the flow of your desire.

Your involvement is unconsciously internal and external.

You are in the state beyond systems.

  • A state where your mind is not racing and your body is not demanding attention.
  • A state where you are working without the effort or patterns that you associate with work.
  • You are in the perfect state beyond joy that is balance. Your internal is aligned with your external.

This gift of balance is the present. We all have experienced this. When you are unaware of yesterday or tomorrow but are in the moment. They are the peak times that memories are made from.

When you choose to connect with this self you have cast aside all resistance and are thriving in the world of abundance.

This synchronized moment is a taste of life without self imposed limitations. Chew on it for a moment. Savor the spice, sound and color. Cherish the feel.

Noticing super self is recognizing the power of possibilities.

Bliss is now within my scope of influence. I can now relook at my rules and see where I am limiting the repeat of this wonderful state of joy.

  • Do you recognize this state?
  • Will you allow yourself to welcome this state?
  • Will you create a permanent home for it in your thinking?

New opportunities are the gifts you give yourself when you notice possibilities.

Introduction to your self(s)

inner child with flower

You have many friends but these three help the most.

They are your inner child, your super self and your mirror self.

This does not exclude your friends and family but encompasses them all.

Inner Child

Your inner child is you before you grew out of being open to possibilities. It is your connection to the essence of inner you.

  • It’s needed to shine light to brighten the stairway.
  • It's needed to be a touch stone to revisiting the past.
  • It needs you to look through its eyes and change your child’s point of view.

A new perspective will clear away limitations and open up opportunities for joy and abundance.

super self tap dancing Super self

Super self is an active partner.

It is a high energy tap dancing connection inspired by allowing. It is a suppressed energy connection taking small steps when it would like to talk big leaps.

Super self is all that you can be. Its incentive is to see you exceed your wildest expectations.

wisdom holder reflection of self

Mirror Self or Wisdom Holder

The Mirror self is a reflection of what you need to notice.

All your self(s) are in your best and highest good. If whispers, bright lights and tap dancing don’t catch your notice. Then they might conspire to call in the bigger guns.

The self that shows you shouting or dramatic scenes is your mirror self.

It knows you ultimately want ease and abundance. It knows that you need to step up and allow. So it will go to great lengths to help you.

There is a fourth self but it is waiting for you to notice.

Higher Self knows all about contrast.It does not approach you because you are not ready to notice.Just know it is waiting for you to notice.

For more Super Self thinking visit:

Freewill and Super you - Use your freewill to awaken joy. This will allow you to seek and expect to find the Super you that is waiting to be discovered.

Working with Super self - I am a “hug”’ from your super self. Cheering you on reminding you to release obstacles and embrace unlimited possibilities.

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