Affirmation - a statment of value

affirmation looking in mirror

A tool used to help notice and change a pattern of thinking or action.

Affirmations are often a script. Written or recited and repeated to change a pattern of thinking. It can be self authored, custom or generic.

It works in a few ways.

  • It is a statement of commitment to change.
  • It is a clarification of direction.
  • It is a plan of action. It allows you to alter your perspective and change patterns.
  • It is a commitment to clean out old baggage. Simplify the complexity in your present view.
  • It is a statement of value. I am valuable. I appreciate me. I am on the road to remembering and acknowledging that I am “super me”.

Affirmation removing the blindfold

My preference is to be versatile. Go with how you are feeling. Feelings are important. But facing butterflies and moving forward allows you to notice limiting patterns.

If looking in a mirror helps then do it.

Does it feel too scary? Work up to it.

Facing yourself is a great way to affirm appreciation.

You’re better than you think you are.

You just need to discover and remember. Take off your blindfold and notice all the good in you. Appreciate yourself.

Allowing Freewill When you value yourself, the universe will always agree with you. Using an affirmation is remembering your Super Self.

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