Surprise Yourself by Seeing the Value of You

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I can be grateful but to appreciate requires an effort.

Appreciation is looking with all your senses. Smile and seek out value in everything.

Appreciation is beyond the words thank you.

The observer notices and makes a series of choices.

If the choice is to notice positive you will see positive.

You will view objects or events and find qualities to appreciate.

The first phase is noticing value in everything and everybody.

It is:

  • Learning how to appreciate.
  • Building a pattern of appreciation.
  • Noticing value so you recognize it.
  • Feeling the vibrations of appreciation.
  • Surprise yourself by seeing the value of you.

Appreciate - Sprout Thinking

The essence of appreciation is not about others noticing your value. It is about you noticing your own value.

It is great to value others but to value yourself is a leap of faith in your own integrity.

I am of value.

By appreciating my value I am drawing notice to value in everything. I am calling attention and building a growth pattern.

Appreciation is like a seed. It exists as a potential plant.

The seed can only reach its full potential when it sees its value and burrows itself into the soil and continues the process of growth.

Growth begins as a thought that is nurtured with belief and self value.

It allows the universe to help it grow. It visualizes an abundant potential for itself. It is an active participant in the process of abundance.

There is never too much appreciation. There is always a surplus of appreciation ready to be noticed.

Observer You are now the observer of your life. You have stepped back and chosen to notice and consciously “expect” to see opportunities.

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