Change is to alter what you presently perceive. It is a challenge to your present position.

change knight Your attention wants to keep steady and avoid modification at all cost. Change is often perceived as less. A shadow of what remains of a past view point.

At times change can seem to be thrust upon you. This is a nervous vibration attracting feelings of uncertainty. Alterations comes with baggage.

Old patterns of thinking are threatened by hidden opportunities.

Change draws something to your experience. Could it be an opportunity to grow? The choice is yours.

If attention is placed on an area it becomes important.

The 5% rule is always in effect. The 95% you don’t notice is hidden from your view. Every thought vibrates at a range of frequency. The 5% that you choose is attracted by your present vibration.

flower pot growing super self

If your attention is placed on a positive view you will find it. You will notice and attract patterns of optimism.

The 5% you notice will be looking for the sunshine.

Choice is always yours.

Change is always happening.

It is a constant.

How you benefit from it is the choice you make.

Notice the patterns. We are all here to grow. Change is the vehicle of growth.

5% Rule We notice 5% of the activity happening around us. What 5% do you choose? What 95% do you not notice?

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