Freewill and Super you

super self throwing confetti

You are “super you”. Think of all the best qualities about yourself. Multiply it by 97,246 and the resulting number is a number far below your true value. But within range of that you could possibly believe.

If you believe you are of value you are encouraging the flow of universal energy.

You were born with freewill. It is a wonderful gift. You make choices and receive what you expect.

You are a perfect reflection of you. Your present life is a direct result of your allowing.

If you feel uncomfortable with success the universe will work with you to help you to resist the opportunities for success. If you are positive the universe will help you with that too.

super self snapping heals

If you ask for success but don’t believe it, the universe will see through your request. Find your true feelings and grant your request. You will receive more opportunities to prove “the doubt” you hold as your truth.

The universe respects you and values your judgment. It would never change the path you built with freewill.

The universe is a stream of energy. It sends you what you desire. If you choose not to accept 100% of the good that is yours, the universe will send you as much as you will allow.

It can’t send you bliss unless you are open to bliss.

You noticed your super self because you had a glorious “thought”.

You thought something possible. You opened to possibility and allowed a door to unlock.

You changed your vibration to a higher level of joy. You said, “what if” and added a new level of possibility into your life.

Super Self is the essence of what you could be. You “breath” yourself into everything you seek to do well. You are one with the flow of your desire.

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