Why should I visit my Inner Child?

Inner Child reaching up to you.

Why should you breathe? Why should you drink a glass of water?

It nourishes a need in you.

Visiting your Inner Child might be a need that you were not aware of till now.

You have the need to thrive.

Your inner child wants to help you discover the inner you.

  • Your inner self wants you to embrace the beauty of you. It wants you to notice, to reach down and pick yourself up. To remember that it is present for you.

    It is a point of view different from your present thoughts but rich with possibilities.

    Yellow is the symbol of awakening or opening up to new possibilities. This is what it wants for you. It wants you to be blissful.

  • Inner Child with flower / gift

  • Your inner child is giving you the gift of growth.

    Imagine it is giving you a blue wild flower. It is a reminder to open to the process of remembering.

    Remember the beauty of you.

    A blue flower is a nurturing from above the sky, the sun and the moisture in the breeze.

  • Inner Child gives light

  • Giving is an act of presenting light.

    A gift is always given with hope.

    Your inner child wants you to notice the gift of hope that already rests within you.

    It is given with an illumination of purpose.

    It seeks to brighten your life by discovering the light that has been forgotten but still shines bright within.

  • Inner Child opens you up to possibilities, rainbows

  • Embrace the color of your life. The subtle shades are the combination of the tints and tones of your thinking.

    Choose to appreciate the colors that you cast about you.

    Knowing you can choose the combinations and intensity.

    Living in the strength of your rainbow is appreciating the uniqueness of you.

Come Visit Your Inner Child

The inner child doesn’t come out to play. It allows you to come and visit.

This is so you will be out of our present world of influence.

So you will look again from an altered view.

You and inner child working together

The child inside you has reasons for this.

It wants you to:

  • Notice and become comfortable with change. It nudges you to look at simple things and move away from the repeat of thoughtless motions.
  • Remember to alter your view point. Look at the source of patterns so you can smile and readjust your thinking.
  • Change perspective. Your early program is now running through the eyes of a child. It might be time to upgrade to the perspective of now.
  • View old advice with a new eye. Would you take the advice of a six year old? How about a ten year old? You did when you were four. What has changed?
  • Have fun. The inner child likes to enjoy life. It likes you to come out of the adult world and play. The mental movement of play shakes up your thoughts and allows a reshuffling of direction.
Your child within is always available to you. It wants to trust you and help you. Inner child and you will map It is that giving person you were before you slipper out of balance. The first step to regaining your footing is to trust yourself.

When was the last time you made a treasure map or built a tented oasis in your living room?

It may be a long time since you run thought open fields, picked wild flowers or shared an adventure with a flying dragon.

Do you trust yourself enough to travel to a world where you are in control?

Is it too hard to fathom a world where the wind is blowing just because you want to build a box kite?

Your Inner Child wants your attention.

  • Are you ready to explore and return with a new perspective?
  • Would it hurt to smile and open to greatness?
  • Is “greatness” a level of belief you have in yourself?

Super Self is the essence of what you could be. Your visits with your Inner Child helps you be open and comfortable working with your many helper selves.
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