Limitations are like a great ball of yarn

  • Yarn starts as individual fibers. Limitations start with individual thoughts.
  • Thoughts gather together to form individual threads or patterns of thinking. Fibers are twisted together to form strands.
  • Strands are colored in vats of dye. Thoughts are colored by expectations. You can only have the shades of colors that match what you will allow yourself to have. Resources
  • You pull and twist the fibers to produce a length of yarn. You struggle with your patterns till you notice who is limiting you. You are the limiter of your own progress.

You live in the center of your creation.

It can be pleasant or stressful. It can be a tangle of knots or a smooth winding of strings.

Whatever it is, it is less than what it could be.

We are always limiting ourselves.

Being the observer and noticing without judgment allows us to loosen the snarls.

Only then will you think yourself safe.

Only then will you be confident and able to continue the process of removing more barriers to limitation.

Allowing Freewill You are always correct. Everything you allow will come to you. Allowing is the freewill to choose.

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