Noticing Stress - Seeing Rulers

Noticing rulers king

Noticing is the first step to understanding inner conflict or stress.

  • Every group you belong to has rulers.
  • Every person you value or work with has rulers.
  • Noticing rules and rulers reduces stress.

Your ancestors have sent you rulers in the form of influence they had on your family. History has rulers.

People you have never met have rulers.

  • We all measure.
  • We all make judgments.
  • We all use many rulers.
  • We all juggle between many views of contrast or stress.

We all judge ourselves using a wide variety of rulers. Everything you use to compare or contrast is a ruler. They all carry the stress of contrast. They reflect all the things you measure in your life.

Situations that measures up to expectation, exceeds expectation or fall below expectation.

noticing stress rulers stretching you

The rules give you what you expect.

Calm feelings are rarely notices. When you become the observer you notice and rewrite the rules.

Choose clarity over confusion. It is your opportunity to notice and rewrite.

Stop fighting stress with more stress. Allow yourself to notice. Noticing is the first step to understanding inner conflict.

noticing is observing the battle of rulers

Observer You are now the observer of your life. You have stepped back and chosen to notice and consciously “expect” to see opportunities.

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