Patterns + Trigger = Response

patterns unbrella inside out

Each word is an umbrella with many arms and elbows. Fabric stretched across a strong but subtle framework. Converging factors form a globally recognizable tool.

An umbrella has the same amount of parts when it is open or closed. It doesn’t change in content but it does change its response.

How you respond is connected to the patterns in your point of view. How you sort and connect patterns is individual. But they all follow a framework.

We are led to respond in particular ways by group exposure. You respond to triggers. You know things because we have exposure to them. Some are conscious and others unconscious. Most are connected to group.

patterns unbrells with thought bubbles

A choice as subtle as wearing sun glasses. You place yourself in a group of people with shaded eyes. You take on an air of mystery.

Is she a pop star, a secret agent or the girl next door? Exposure can be simple or complex but it always triggers patterns.

Patterns are marvelous ways to notice and track your responses.

Every pattern is tied to a rule in your point of view. You search past experiences to fill your present needs. The observer in you uses contrast. The difference between your available responses is contrast.

Changing is not eliminating possibilities but stretching to find new possibilities. Silly or funny possibilities open doors to thinking on a broader scope.

Patterns Your senses trigger patterns that produce reactions. Related patterns combine to form your unique flavor of response.

Observer You are now the observer of your life. You have stepped back and chosen to notice and consciously “expect” to see opportunities.

The Law of Similarities allows you to notice and take control of your patterns of thought. This allows you to view and release or polishes and refines your point-of-view.

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