Open up possibilities and greet them with imagination

possibilities noticing rain

You have the power of freewill.This works for riding bikes and baking cakes.

You travel from “how to” to automatic “know the process”. You travel from exposed to protect. It also brings you from possibilities to limitations. possibilities moving in rain

  • Maybe it is a warm day.
  • Maybe the feel of rain is good.
  • Maybe you are experiencing a drought and rain is a blessing.
  • Maybe you are experiencing a personal drought and a soak is good.
  • Maybe it’s time to wake up to possibilities. It might just be the right time to notice and to think possibilities.

possibilities collecting water

Turn things over and come up with new solutions.

Reposition yourself and use your resources in a different way. See them in a different light. View them from a different perspective.

Instead of running for shelter maybe you can find shelter in an altered way. Open up possibilities and greet them with imagination.

Imagine you could change the world. Imagine you are in possession of the golden faucet. possibilities golden faucet You can turn it on or off at will. What would you like the faucet to do; be available, anticipate needs, cast off fears, bring unlimited amounts of resource and help you feel secure?

But you already have freewill.

  • Isn’t it always available?
  • Doesn’t it anticipate needs?
  • Doesn’t it show you contrast so you can notice and choose?
  • Isn’t it the freedom to notice shadows and quiet fears?
  • Isn’t it the option to choose possibilities?
  • Isn’t it a gift that can never be taken away?

You just need to discover and remember. Take off your blindfold and notice all the good in you. Appreciate yourself.

Allowing freewill When you value yourself, the universe will always agree with you. It allows you to open to possibilities.

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