How to work with your super self?

super self with inside cheerleader

I represent a possibility that you have chose to experience. Do you want to change? Do you have visions of yourself doing and being more than you currently are? Do you want to release limiting patterns? If you want it the universe always shows you how to clear away the obstacles to attaining it.

Obstacles are walls you have built. Judgments cause rules. Build barriers that hinder the free flow of energy.

Why would I want to restrict energy flow? You constructed a unique point of view for yourself using rules build on the principles of your judgments.

This is what freewill is all about. It allows you to make choices. Choices with the outcomes you expect.

Your expectations are a big part of your present state of being. You can’t have. If you don’t believe you can have.

super self hug yourself

I could be much closer to perfect if you could believe it.

My task is to call attention to your thoughts. Cheer you on when you notice the possibility that you are of value. So I guess I’m silly, cute and striving for a higher percentage of source energy just like you.

I’m here for you. I am a reminder a “hug”’ from your super self. I am inside you hidden behind all your fears and doubts.

Cheering you on reminding you to release the doubt and embrace a clearer truth. Build confidence as you release your resistance to joy.

Things to know about me

  • I am quiet I do not push or shove.
  • I do not scream for your attention.
  • I work with you at your pace and in your time.
  • I am always glad to travel with you on your pathway to joy
  • I will repeat a step as many times as you want. I have infinite patience. My only action item is to help you notice the better you in you.
Super Self is the essence of what you could be. You “breath” yourself into everything you seek to do well. You are one with the flow of your desire.
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