Synchronicity is learning to trust your intuition.

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Synchronicity is a process of learning to trust your intuition.

  • It’s remembering that you are the controlling force.
  • It’s taking conscious steps. Building patterns of trust in your natural ability to make choices.
  • It's trusting in yourself. Your intuition is what you are building.

The intuitive self makes life an easier path to travel. Your thoughts, patterns, point of view, expectations, freewill and allowing all shield you.

Synchronicity gives you hints to future possibilities. Comfortable steps to move forward.

Sometimes synchronicity gets me stuck in line. But in the larger view it saves you time and energy. Why do I need to stop?

I keep expecting the answer and it always comes.

  • Sometimes I meet someone I would have missed. That person gives me information I didn’t know I needed. Shows me a direction I hadn’t considered.
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  • Sometimes it delays me. I came to the intersection just when the traffic is being directed. If I had been five minutes earlier I would have been sitting in traffic until the road was cleared.
  • Sometimes a short delay tips the scale and everything falls into place. I accomplish more with less effort.

I love synchronicity it lets me notice. It allows me to value more of myself.

You are the hero for allowing yourself the freedom to listen and trust. When you use your intuition you are actually channeling information.

All good ideas are universal ideas that people allow. A good idea is a reward for listening and allowing.

Synchronicity + trust = more intuitive opportunities.

Synchronicity tells you you’re on target. It is the universe letting you know that you are using your intuition and clearing limitations.

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