Possibilities - A simple Change

A simple change in how you view an issue may yield very different results.

possibilities math example one

This square and triangle make a limited amount of possibilities.

These are not all the possible combinations. The possibilities are limited by the scope of your imagination.

Possibilities using math two

These two shapes could be viewed as a square and a triangle. They are more versatile because they suggest more possibilities. Experience changes your perspective.

Smile and look again. This new exposure will produce more possible answers.

Possibilities smile vender Your imagination now has a new direction to ponder when thinking of possible solutions. Think outside of your established view.

A smile is connected to infinite possibilities.

You could say a smile is:

  • An invitation to unlock limitations and think open thoughts.
  • A tool to open your mind to notice possibilities.
  • A symbol of greeting and a window to opportunity.

Allowing and Freewill You are always correct. Everything you allow will come to you. Allowing is the freewill to choose.

Thought - Infinite Possibilities - Limited You are the thinker. You use freewill to make rules that determine that thoughts fit into your range.
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