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Limiting possibilities shopping

A thought doesn’t stand alone. It attracts other thoughts.

A potential thought is infinite possibilities waiting for a thinker to give it focus.

The kind of thoughts it attracts is determined by you the thinker.

In order to successfully prepare meals you the shopper makes choices.

Choices help define what will be available in your kitchen. You can purchase one of each available product at your local store.

Limiting Possibilities Blueberry Muffin

The local store makes choices of what to stock on their shelves.

By choosing that store to visit you are choosing what variety the buyers at that store have purchased.

The possibilities for breakfast are determined by what was purchased.

No blueberries in the shopping cart mean no fresh blueberries muffins on your plate.

Your focus determines your range of thinking.

A joyful bubbly range will attract comical thoughts.

Thoughts are vibrating in an endless variety. The variety is infinite.

A thinker can only be in one range at any given moment.

The thinker is always producing new thoughts. You are adding to the range of vibration you are in.

A noticed thought is full of possibilities. If your thoughts focus on joy you will encourage more pleasant joyful thoughts. You are the thinker. Limiting Possibilities tied up You use freewill to make rules that determine that thoughts fit into your range.

  • I believe this therefore this or/and this is possible.
  • This could never be possible. It is beyond consideration. It’s invisible to me.
  • I value me so this is possible.
  • I don’t value me so this is not possible.
  • I can’t have everything I want.
  • This is not possible.
  • This is too much goodness.
  • I can’t do this because of this.
  • I’m not able to do this because of this or that.
  • I’m affair to do this.
  • I’m afraid not to do this.
  • This is now it has always been.
  • This is the only way. They say this.

Allowing and Freewill You are always correct. Everything you allow will come to you. Allowing is the freewill to choose.

Possibilities - A simple Change A simple change in how you view an issue may yield very different results.Your imagination now has a new direction to ponder when thinking of possibilities.
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