Projecting influence on your Life Canvas

canvas projecting on screen

Projecting influence is what you do.

Your life is the projections you send out on the canvas of your world. Each scene is built from thoughts, influences and judgments.

Every detail is precisely as your patterns indicate they should be.

Your life force is the energy you send out to animate your production.

The canvas is a reflection of the world as you see it.

It is the blueprint you built with your rules.

Canvas - Stretching a canvas

  • You pick the 5% of information ( 5% rule ).
  • You mold the information (choice).
  • You look around for answers (influence).
  • You evaluate other pathways (judgement).
  • You allow past experience to form future expectations(patterns).

You are projecting influence or patterns on everything. If you are confident your movie will portray an air of confidence. If you are insecure you will project insecurity.

Your projections are seamless reflections of your thoughts and feeling.

They set the tone in just the range you desire.

They are the perfect reflections of all your rules and judgments.

You believe this reflection. You think everyone else shares this same view. You forget that you are unique.

You think your frame work is common knowledge. Everyone knows. Don’t they? Matching your patterns Everyone projects patterns.

Everyone builds patterns from thoughts, influences and judgments.

When you visit a new place you bring your patterns with you. You stretch your patterns to fit the new canvas. When this is happening you extend more energy on organizing your space. You need to make chooses that were preset at home.

It is an opportunity to be the observer and notice. This might be the first time you notice that projecting influence exist. This is a big deal.

canvas person with paintbox

It could:

  • Change the decisions you make using the 5% rule.
  • Help you make modifications in your patterns.
  • Make you think about thoughts in a new way.
  • Make you connected the dots in a new way.
  • Project new possibilities onto your canvas. Change is a challenge to your present position.
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